Bespoke (bi-ˈspōk): Describes a high degree of customization and involvement of the end-user in the production of goods. A craft.

Lam Bespoke began with one central concept: to offer furnishings that are as inspirational and beautiful as they are comfortable. Though times and trends change, classic forms never age. We showcase timeless elegance in our custom upholstery and pair them with thoughtfully selected furniture and decor. The ultimate goal is to create a curated look that reflects the familiarity of home. While we realize this idea varies for each family, we aim to provide design-led pieces you will feel compelled to collect.

Every one of our pieces has a unique personality inherent within it. We also go through great effort to customize your pieces before they ever leave our tables. We understand that you and your home are unlike any other, and we seek to make home decor that reflects this unique need. That is why Lam Bespoke has been serving the Greater Houston area for years. We offer everything, from art to coffee tables and sofas. Whatever your home needs, you can find it with us at Lam Bespoke.

Lam Bespoke: for the well-tailored home.


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